De-stigmatizing a plant for suffering children everywhere


The cannabis plant contains over 85 cannabinoids. A Cannabinoid called Cannabidiol has anticonvulsant properties, amongst other health benefits. It does not produce a high and is not smoked. It is extracted from the cannabis plant and administered to children in an oil, commonly referred to as CBD oil. Charlotte's Web, also known as Realm Oil or Alepsia, is the most researched and clinically potent CBD oil on the market. It proves beneficial in treating some forms of intractable epilepsy. It also appears to reduce aggressive behaviors associated with severe autism. Charlotte's Web is produced by five brothers in Colorado and distributed by the non-profit organization Realm of Caring.

THC-A is the raw plant pre-cursor form of THC. THC-A appears to share the beneficial health properties of THC without the psycho-activity.  THC-A only converts to THC if the plant is dried or heated. Anecdotally, THC-A strain oil extracts are helpful to some children with seizures and in some with autism who do or do not have seizures. Some kids appear to do best on a combination of strains high in CBD and THC-A, while others seem to thrive most on one or the other. It's hard to tell which strain or combination of strains might work best for an individual patient, which is why full medical cannabis legislation is more ideal than CBD only laws. However, the editor recognizes that in some places progress will happen as a step process. Therefore, in the short term, she supports most state efforts toward CBD laws, but only when there is a long term strategy to legalize all medicinal strains.

The various cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp strains appear to work together in producing the medicinal effects. Isolating compounds does not appear to work as well as using whole plant strains.

The objective of this effort is to de-stigmatize medical cannabis oils for the benefit of children who need them. We tell the stories of children who benefit from the oils and share the plights of those who might but cannot access them because they live in prohibitive states. This page also shares information about campaigns to legalize medical cannabis oil extracts for autism and epilepsy at the state and national levels. Please come back often to learn how you can help.

This website is not affiliated with Realm of Caring. It is edited by Suzanne De Gregorio, mother of a child with Regressive Autism and epileptiform activity. Suzanne lives in Louisville, Kentucky. She can be contacted at cbdoilky@gmaildotcom.

Glossary of Terms:

Cannabidiol is a compound in the cannabis plant that has anticonvulsant properties.
CBD oils are extracts of hemp or hemp/marijuana hybrid strains that are high Cannabidiol, but not psychoactive.
Charlotte's Web is a specific brand of CBD oil extracted from a hemp strain.
Realm Oil and Alepsia are other names for Charlotte's Web.
MMJ is medical marijuana.
THC is the high producing property of cannabis that has been bred down to miniscule levels in Charlotte's Web and other high CBD hemp strains.
THC-A is the raw plant pre-cursor for of THC. THC-A shares the beneficial health properties of THC without the psycho-activity.  THC-A converts to THC when the plant is dried or heated.


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