De-stigmatizing a plant for suffering children everywhere

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Allow CBD Oil in Kentucky for Charlie


What would you do if your child had thirty seizures a week? What if those violent convulsions delayed his development, disrupting his movement and balance. What if he could barely sleep or swallow and things just seemed to get worse by the day?

Would you move heaven and earth to save him?

Crystal and Eric Byrd did just that.

This week the Byrds packed up their lives, moving from Kentucky to Colorado all for their son Charlie. Charlie has Dravet's Syndrome, a genetic epilepsy that often resists treatment. In Colorado their boy can access Charlotte's Web, a low THC cannabis oil not yet legal in Kentucky that has some kids beating Dravet's. He took his first dose last night.

The  Kindergartner takes four anticonvulsants that appear to be doing more harm than good. Crystal believes their side effects are slowly killing her son.

Though the Byrds would do anything to help their son, including move clear across the country, they are not happy about having to do so. They did not want to leave behind all they hold dear: their home, their friends, their church. They'd probably rather not have to navigate a new state's special needs services and those epically long waiting lists. They want Charlotte's Web legal right here in Kentucky so that the family can come back home. As it stands now, if they even step outside Colorado borders with Charlie's oil they could be arrested for drug trafficking. Drug trafficking an oil that wouldn't get you high if you drank a bucket of it!

Over the next few weeks the Byrds should know if Charlotte's Web proves to be a miracle elixir for Charlie as it has for other children. Meanwhile, in Kentucky advocates support legislation that could help Charlie come home. It could also grant thousands of autistic and epileptic children across the commonwealth access to CBD oil.

The Byrds will keep us posted on Charlie's progress with Charlotte's Web.

Did you know that November is epilepsy awareness month? Of course you did! Did you know this?

 Help The Byrds Come Home

If you live in Kentucky please take the following actions:

kentucky photo: Kentucky Kentucky.gif

1. Contact Kentucky's legislative line at 502-564-8100. Leave the message for the senators and representatives on the Health & Welfare committee to support a bill legalizing CBD Oil extracts for autism and epilepsy in Kentucky.
2. Call the legislative line at 502-564-8100. Give the operator your zipcode then ask him or her to ask your senator and representative to support the medical marijuana bill.

3.Sign the petition asking the Kentucky state legislature Health and Welfare committees in both chambers, House leader Greg Stumbo, and Governor Steve Beshear to support legislation allowing Kentucky children with autism and epilepsy access to CBD oil.


  1. Please please please contact our senators and representatives. I want my family back home in Kentucky where they belong. No family should ever have to give up everything they have worked for and travel over a thousand miles to try a medical treatment for their son. Please open your minds and don't look at this as an illegal drug but as the medicine that a plant has been made into.

  2. I live in KY & have a child who's life will be greatly improved by CBD oil. While she is not terminal, her quality of life suffers drastically. Lola is a spunky, hardheaded, bossy 2 year old most days. However on flare days, life is a completely different story. Lola has been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as an extremely acidic system. As if the IBS wasn't enough at her age, the acidic system means that the diarrhea she gets from the IBS burns her skin, like well, an acid burn. Nothing the Dr's have had us try has worked, none of the creams, ointments, compounds can clear up a flare up even if we get the IBS symptoms under control. When her stool is burning her skin she shakes in pain, trembling, she screams, shrieks & asks me to make it better. I can't make it better. If Kentucky doesn't legalize by Spring, my family will have to make the decision to leave all our family, friends & life here in Kentucky & move to Colorado where I can treat her without fear of DCFS taking her & my boys away from me. I have written my legislators, written my governor & pleaded with them to PLEASE legalize cannabis for the children of Kentucky. My plea's seem to fall on deaf ears.

  3. A sad momma. You will come home one day. We need to keep holding that vision and making the calls.

  4. Hi, Sara. I'm so sorry your daughter suffers so terribly. You and I need to talk. Right now we are advocating the bill for autism and epilepsy because that's what we know. But if there are other conditions that could be helped by this we need people to give input for any draft legislation that might be written soon. We all need to start contacting Health and Welfare on both the House and Senate sides. We need to use the same language, so they know what we are talking about. ie are we calling it CBD oil or Charlotte's Web? Email me at cbdoilky@gmaildotcom if you can. Thanks!

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