De-stigmatizing a plant for suffering children everywhere

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Campaign to Access CDO Oil in Kentucky for Autism and Epilepsy: Update 11/30/13


Progress Toward A CBD Oil Bill

Myself and The Byrds have been hard at work contacting representatives and senators in both chambers of the Kentucky legislature. We hope to gain sponsors for a bill allowing Cannibidiol Oil in Kentucky for autism and epilepsy. Some have been open and receptive, promising to look into the issue, but as of today still no sponsor. We need a lot of help with calls to the legislature. I will post specific information about that on our Facebook page over the next few days. We will continue fighting until the last possible moment for a CBD oil bill this session. Our children deserve no less.

Special thanks to the legions of Byrd family supporters who seem to drop everything at a moment's notice to call Frankfort whenever asked. Without them we wouldn't be on any politician's radar right now. Period.

The Hemp Angle

Our state's hemp law classifies any cannabis sativa plant under 0.3 THC as a hemp that can be grown for research purposes. Some of these CBD oils meet that benchmark. So, we are wondering if the law already makes access to CBD oil possible here because at this point it is fundamentally a hemp. Would we just need a joint resolution somewhere allowing for extracts? We intend to find out.

An Autism and Epilepsy CBD Oil Study in Kentucky?

We are also working with another group to ask the Kentucky legislature to allow one of our local universities to study CBD oil for autism and epilepsy. We are not seeking funding, only for them to allow a study to happen on Kentucky soil. That way if an opportunity arises the permission is already granted. I will update progress on that front as more information becomes available.

The Medical Cannabis Bill

We also support the broader medical cannabis bill that will be introduced over the next few weeks. We see this as not only an opportunity to provide our children with safer options, but as a means for Kentuckians ill with other conditions to get what they need. There will be hearings for the issue in Frankfort on December 18th, 2013. We need as many parents there representing their sick children as possible.


Commentary from Suzanne

I don't want to be doing this. I never cared about cannabis. I rarely even drink caffeine or alcohol. I would rather be sitting on the sidelines watching my kid play sports or planning a family vacation. I certainly wouldn't be working my guts out for this if I did not believe it could be my son's best chance at a stable future. At first that was my only motive. Then I saw children with intractable epileptic conditions leaving wheel chairs behind because of this oil. I read about babies with brain tumors that are shrinking because of it. No, this is not just about what's good for mine anymore. It never will be. Even if my son woke up epileptiform free tomorrow I'm in it now.

Yet, sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy for publically putting my name to this issue since the bias against this plant is so strong. What happens when I apply for a job next time and they Google my name? Will they see me as a mother trying to help sick kids or will they just assume I must be some pothead and chuck the application in the trash? I'm taking a risk, to be sure, but I'm not the only one. People from all walks of life are speaking out on the therapeutic benefits of this plant: doctors, lawyers, mothers, fathers, police officers. Our voices form a chorus that must be heard.

Yours in this Work,

Suzanne De Gregorio
CBD Oil for Autism and Epilepsy

"Would you teach your children to tell the truth
Would you take the high road if you could choose
Do you believe you're a victim of a great compromise
'Cause I believe you could change your mind and change our lives."

-John Mellencamp, Your Life is Now


  1. Suzanne I felt the same way about any future job I may apply for, and I just got to the point that I decided if a future employer can't understand the passion that goes into fighting for an issue like this, and realize the perseverance and dedication it takes and the assets those qualities would bring to the workplace regardless of their position on the issue, well... that's no one I would want to work for anyway. My situation is even more complicated with my husband being in the military, and my hubby has never said a word about me speaking out because he knows it's the right thing to do.

    Last year when marijuana was on the ballot here in WA I got into a very friendly and civil debate about it with a dear and long time friend. She was studying criminal justice and had actually applied to the police academy (failed the physical portion and then gave up as she got pregnant with twins). This long time friend ended our friendship because of the fact that she's been brainwashed with the "war on drugs" mantra. Pretty sad. There is a stigma, but the only way around it, is through it.

    Keep up the good fight for our kids on this issue Woman! You've got a ton of people supporting you and hopefully as more over come their fear and speak out, that stigma will continue to disappear.

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