De-stigmatizing a plant for suffering children everywhere

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Photo: November is #Epilepsy Awareness Month. Tell Someone. xo

This website intends to be a resource for parents, politicians, doctors, and the media.

To submit your child's story email the editor at

We seek stories from parents of children on CBD Oil living in states where it is legal. We also want to hear from families living in prohibitive states who think their autistic and/or epileptic child may benefit from the oils.

Stories can be shared as a back and forth interview with the editor or in narrative style. Your preference.

Real names are not necessary, so please indicate if you'd like those changed for privacy. Your submission may be slightly edited, but essential content will remain in tact.


CBD Oil for Autism & Epilepsy, editor
Mom of an eleven year old son with Regressive Autism and Multi-Focal Epileptiform


  1. Hi my name is Jason cook and i suffer daily with severa different conditions. I suffer from gastreoperisis and actually have a pace maker like device inmy stomach to help aidfood digestion for those not familiar with this condition its whenyour stomach triesto quit digesting so when you eat you get severely nauseated and throw up all the time andive had diabetes type 2 for 18 years ihave neoropothy in both legs ive had the upper right lobe of my lung removed due to a fungal infection called blastomycosos and ive experimented with marijuana the past 3 months and it has helped me outstandingly I think marijuana extracts and marijuana in general would help a lot of people young and old in Kentucky and Lord knows we need the extra jobs it will produce here in this old coal mining ghost town. If I can help anyway with this cause my e-mail is Thanks and Go bless
    concerned patient,
    Jason Cook

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