De-stigmatizing a plant for suffering children everywhere

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Parents Barrage Attorney General Holder with Postcards Advocating Cannabis Rescheduling

 photo Eric_Holder_official_portrait.jpg

A national postcard mail in campaign to Attorney General Eric Holder will go live the morning of July 1st 2014. The timing is specific so the cards arrive on the same date in a flurry of pleas for the rescheduling of medical cannabis.

Post Cards for a Cause is inspired and coordinated by Pennsylvania parent medical cannabis activist, Dana Nadzam Ulrich.
"Postcards are the easiest and cheapest way to get our message to those who can make this change.", said Ulrich. "That being said, postcards will also allow your messages to be seen all along their route to their destinations. Many hands and eyes will fall upon your cards as they travel from all corners of the country."

And spread the message they will. Post cards depict sick children sharing the message of their unnecessary suffering. Many parents have ordered hundreds, even thousands to pass out to friends and relatives for the mass mailing.

Even if it is too late for you to order yours from Vista Print you could still print a picture of yourself or your child, or a ribbon from your condition on card stock and pass them out to family and friends to be mailed on the first.

Here is a small sample of some of the cards going out Tuesday. To see a more visit Post Cards for a Cause.

In Memory of Sabina Rose.

 photo postcard1-2.jpg

Who could deny this epileptic baby his right to this treatment?

 photo postcards1.jpg

Or this epileptic angel?

 photo postcard1.jpg

Or this darling?

 photo postcard1-1.jpg

Who would deny this beautiful young woman her best chance to live?

 photo postcard1-3.jpg

Or this sweet girl?

 photo postcard1-4.jpg

Who would deny this boy a world less assaulting to his senses?

 photo postcard1-5.jpg

Who wouldn't do everything possible to protect her access?

 photo postcard1-6.jpg

Or do everything in his power to save these children?

 photo postcard1-7.jpg

Who wouldn't bend over backwards and sideways
to give him a better life?

 photo postcard1-8.jpg

She deserves better.

 photo 52715f9e-9a67-4322-9168-ead0b977c930.jpg

And so does she.

 photo postcard1-10.jpg

What is their quality of life?

 photo postcard1-11.jpg

Or his?

 photo alexholder.jpg

What would you do Mr. Holder, Mrs. Burwell, President Obama if these were your children?


  1. Thank you for sharing Weed and vaping can save lives. It doesn't make sense why they want to keep people from it! I enjoy being able to buy premium e-liquid, but I am sure that will change...

  2. It is so sad that children are denied being able to have something that will help them. Personally I see e liquid getting banned too. Marlboro e liquid helped me quit smoking and I feel so much better. I actually heard of a family moving to CO to give medicine to their kid legally. WTH is wrong with this nation have different laws like that from state to state...?

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